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Mile High Dungeon Delvers

Jul 2, 2019

Is There a Cellar 

Having dealt with a giant purple worm and an ambush by Lady Entropy's forces, our heroes continue the hunt, eventually arriving on a hill overlooking a small farming town on the edge of a large lake.

Cast and Characters

  • Adrian - Kenaz
    • Tiefling Paladin, Oath of Vengeance
  • Allison - Allet
    • Human Fighter, Champion
  • Bob - Darcassan
    • Wood Elf Wizard, Bladesinger
  • Klew - Nat
    • Tiefling Druid, Circle of the Moon
  • Leander - Mr. Tiki
    • Warforged Artificer, Alchemist
  • Wes - DM
    • Human Storyteller