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Mile High Dungeon Delvers

Jan 28, 2020

Episode 02 - A Night Out

Recorded in front of a live audience at HexaCon 2020 in Denver, this episode finds our heroes in search of The Professor, a friend of Cassia's who is feared missing, perhaps taken by the same forces behind the orphan kidnappings......


Cast and Characters

  • Adrian - Aethon Wildwing

    • Aarakocra Monk

  • Allison - Lyra the Lyre

    • Halfing Bard

  • Bob - Kymbatuul Dazzazan

    • Dragonborn

  • Klew - Cassia Von Grath

    • Human Ranger

  • Wes - Dorian Brighteyes

    • Halfling Barbarian

  • Leander - DM

    • Human Storyteller

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