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Mile High Dungeon Delvers

Feb 13, 2020

Episode 03 - Ahead of the Storm

After discovering the desert entrance to the warehouse full of kidnapped orphans and the mysterious tracks leading away from it, our heroes are faced with a choice: investigate the city for more information or strike out through the desert towards the Jungles of Venay.

  • Adrian - Aethon Wildwing
    • Aarakocra Monk
  • Allison - Lyra the Lyre
    • Halfing Bard
  • Bob - Kymbatuul Dazzazan
    • Dragonborn
  • Klew - Cassia Von Grath
    • Human Ranger
  • Wes - Dorian Brighteyes
    • Halfling Barbarian
  • Leander - DM
    • Human Storyteller



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